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"The greatest weapon is love. And when we fight, we fight with the greatest of all.

David Togni, founder LYN


Love Your Neighbour is a social fashion label from Switzerland. Our heartbeat is to help others. We have two hands: one to help ourselves, the other to help others. That's why we act according to the "ONE+ONE" principle. This is how it works:

one + one
You make the difference

1. you buy a product

1. you buy a product

  • Fair & sustainable production
  • We know our suppliers personally
  • Most products are refined in Switzerland
2. we double the product

2. we double the product

  • According to the One + One principle
  • You buy a T-shirt, we give away a T-shirt
  • You buy a sweater, we give away a sweater.
3. and donate the product

3. and donate the product

  • With the LYN FOUNDATION we distribute the donated products to people in need
  •  We also invest in sustainable projects (infrastructure/education)
With your purchase / your membership in the LYN Memberclub / your donation to the LYN FOUNDATION you enable the work of Love Your Neighbour.