In 2013, we at Love Your Neighbour started to put every tenth t-shirt we would have sold into a box and then donate it. The most important thing for us was to make a difference from the beginning and not just when the company is big. Too often there are excuses like, „When my company is big, I give away some of my profits.“ We don’t believe that. We believe that you should give when your heart is full and not when your bank account is full. At some point, with Love Your Neighbour, we could take the next step. Every tenth t-shirt donated became every seventh t-shirt, then every fifth t-shirt.

As of August 29, 2020, we will be able to implement the principle that we have been hoping for for Love Your Neighbour since the beginning. True to the motto: You have two hands. One for yourself and one to help others. Simply „ONE+ONE“. That means concretely: You buy a sweater, we double it and then donate the doubled sweater. You buy a T-shirt, we double it and then donate the doubled T-shirt. Together we make a difference. Very simple: „One+One“ You make this new concept possible through your purchases, membership in the LYN Memberclub and donations to the LYN Foundation. Thanks for being part of the journey. „ONE+ONE“