We believe that „Love Your Neighbour“ first means that you love yourself in order to be able to pass on this love. That’s why we founded the new 365-day program „SPIRIT SOUL BODY“. In 52 challenges, which we will send you via WhatsApp, we will show you how spirit, soul and body are connected and what a holistic program can do for a positive change in your life. We love it when people make their way and go for change. Will you come with us on this journey? For everyone who stays on 365 days we plant a tree in the rainforest. So let’s go – let’s plant several thousand trees.


Surprise Starter Package (will be shipped from December)
52 challenges in the areas of Spirit, Soul, Body
12 expert interviews on various challenges
1-to-1 support via WhatsApp
A get-together for all program participants
We will plant a tree in the rainforest for you including 5 years of care, if you have completed the program until the end.
Special price (50%) for the first 100 participants

Available in German, English, Italian, French and Spanish

We are very pleased that almost 100 people have already decided to go for a positive change next year. We love change and would be happy if you would join us.