LYN for Everyone

We are always very pleased to see people from all over the world wearing our clothes. It makes no difference to us whether these are “normal” people on the street, homeless people on the corner, or celebrities. Even though more and more public figures are wearing garments from our collections or uploading public posts with the book, it does not alter the fact that we consider everyone equal.

Zoe Pastelle (Schauspielerin)


Betty Taube (GNTM-Teilnehmerin)

Jogi Löw (Deutscher National Fußballtrainer)

Brain Welch (Band Korn)

Luisa Hartema (GNTM Gewinnerin)

Alice Stark (Fashion Bloggerin)

Kool Savas (Rap Legende aus Deutschland)

Matthias Kuhn (Preacher)

Lara (Fashion Bloggerin)

Michéle Krüsi (Fashion Bloggerin)

Pascal Prenzel (BMX Rider)

Salomon Obama (Fußballspieler)

Franchu Feuillassier (Fußballspieler Real Madrid)