It must have been the craziest photo-shoot Love Your Neighbour had ever experienced. The meticulously pre-planned shooting days had to be cancelled owing to heavy snowfall. As a result, the selected models were no longer available, so it was back to square one and pick a new team. Thankfully, those involved were flexible and ready to go, so the new team was formed relatively quickly. Feeling positive and hoping for good weather we set off for Ascona. Alas, even in the beautiful Ticino instead of being kissed by the sun we got a cold drenching from the rain clouds.

We didn’t let that deter us, though, and learnt to dance in the rain. We were all tremendously grateful for the wonderful welcome at the Hotel Tiziana where we dried off, warmed up and regained our strength. Thanks to their collaboration, we were able to enjoy full service at no charge, for which we are more than grateful. On the last evening but one we decided to leave Ticino all the same, and to go on towards Lucerne. There, in spite of the variable conditions, we were able to take a few sensational photos whenever the sun popped out to greet us.


Phil Wenger


Residenza Tiziana in Ascona
H&M Stefanie Colombo


0 CHF Accommodation
230 CHF Food for 2 days